Conduct a job analysis for new salesperson position in interclean

InterClean simulation

The following content will provide detailed information on: A The sales manager. The focus is more on the job specifics and putting the right people in place to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Job Duties 1 Research and Create targeted new client lists within Orange County California territory 2 Makes initial contact with potential clients 3 Performs routine and regular follow up with potential clients 4 Performs routine and regular follow up with former clients 5 Visits potential clients and makes sales presentations 6 Closes sales 7 Maintains regular record reporting sales activity C.

This plan will enable each employee aware of his or her strengths and weakness, toward improving and achieving the goal of the organization. OPerforms routine and regular follow up with potential clients and former clients.

A When he or she will be leaving.

Decision Process For Recruiting Salespeople

B The job occupant and sales manager. C Review internal selection procedures. A The nature of the product s to be sold. C His insights will determine the final selection.

Career Development Plan Part I

C Know what impresses them in salespeople who call on them. B Discourage unqualified people from applying. Interviews can be a integral part of the analysis as the company endeavors to use the information to create Job description and study Job evaluations.

Human resource planning will assist InterClean with identifying the necessary required knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for each position.

C Not be necessary since they will have been answered on the application form. Sometimes you can find job description software to help you along or maybe a job description writer but in the end, you still need to think carefully about a couple of key things D Advertisements written by other firms seeking salespeople.

Identifying and hiring the best candidates in the world Sample Job Analysis Below is a sample job analysis. Organizational, Demographic, Operational, and Individual.

B What he or she actually does. Jamodd recognizes the advantage of hiring this candidate is: B Determining the qualifications of prospective employees. Develop the knowledge, skills, and techniques needed by attending training. D Statistical association but not causation.

A Deciding who is responsible for hiring new salespeople. Once that is determined, the positions will be filled using the mental ability and validity generalization tests. Since the sales team is going to be restructured, a new job analysis will be done for all the new salesperson positions in InterClean, Inc.

In order for the right candidates to be chosen, KC who is the Sales Manager will be using specific job analysis methods to help her understand what the position. Job Analysis Methods The analysis methods that will be used to conduct research for the new salesperson positions in InterClean are observation, job performance, interviews, and structured questionnaires.

Interclean Job Analysis

Observation will be conducted by simply observing each worker without interference and. Included in this report is the Job Analysis, Workforce Planning System, and Selection. * Job Analysis InterClean will conduct interviews and examine job performance of potential candidates.

All candidates will be screened to identify strengths and weaknesses (Critical Incidents Method). Several positions for salesperson will become available as InterClean plans to expand from product sales to in-depth services.

To achieve a seamless transition a complete job analysis needs to be created for the new sales force.

Sample Job Analysis

Conduct a job analysis using several methodologies. Job. After conducting a job analysis for a new sales position, a sales manager or HR specialist will next: A) Develop a job qualifications statement.

B) Write a job description. C) Review internal selection procedures. D) Conduct an environmental scan. The job analysis for the salesperson position at InterClean includes the following major job functions and KSAs: A.

Prospect and lead generation Requires the employee to maintain a detailed knowledge of company products, processes, and procedures including but not limited to pricing and time to market.

Conduct a job analysis for new salesperson position in interclean
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