Consumer behaviour the needs and motivation

A drop in blood sugar level or stomach contractions will trigger awareness of a hunger need. The state of affairs remains that Maslow's need hierarchy, and his propositions regarding gratification and activation, especially in the self-actualization stage, remain controversial.

Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Motivational Behavior The behavioral aspect of consumer motivation concerns the actions someone takes before purchasing and consuming goods or services.

Basically, motives are "means-end beliefs" Tolman, As customers, we want people to look up to us and praise our possessions or accomplishments. If the functional goal of the purchase of a car is its service and economy, say, as opposed to status or a combination of all these, then these consequences constitute the desired outcomes.

Marketers use these effects i. This ultimately leads to evaluation of alternatives where the best alternative is chosen. Everyone has certain basic human needs that serve as motivation for him or her to take action, including buying action.


It is assumed that consumers always attempt to select alternatives that in their view, serve to maximize satisfaction. The second type of attributes facilitators elicit the disjunctive decision rule to select brands with facilitating above threshold values on other attributes.

Consumer Needs and Motivation (With Diagram)

The behaviorist school considers motivation to be a mechanical process; behavior is seen as the response to a stimulus, and elements of conscious thought are ignored. None of these methods are completely reliable by it. This was given by behaviorist school; in this behavior is seen as the response to a stimulus and elements of conscious thoughts are ignored.

An outward-directed ego needs includes need for reputation, for status, for recognition from others. They will buy the product or service for no other reason than that it is new and different. According to Maslow, once people begin to satisfy their need to belong, they tend to want to be held in esteem both by themselves and by others.

Needs and fulfillment are the basis of motivation. Egoistic needs can be inward or outward or both oriented. For example, sometimes people join a club but is not consciously aware of his social needs, a woman may not be aware of her achievement needs but may strive to have the most successful boutique in town.

To achieve growth needs, deficiency needs must first be satisfied. People want to feel that they are becoming all that they are capable of becoming.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR – 2: MOTIVATION INDUVIDUAL DETERMINATS OF BEHAVIUOR. To understand the buyer and to make a customer out of him is the main purpose of the study of consumer behaviour. Though this problem has been analysed from different view points under different premises, it still remains a complex one/5(4).

Definition of Consumer Motivation

Consumer Motivation. 1. CONSUMER MOTIVATION Prof. Abhipsa Mishra. 2. Motivation as a Psychological Force • Motivation is produced by a state of tension, by having a need which is unfulfilled. Consumers want to fulfill these needs and reduce the state of tension.

consumer behaviour – 2: motivation induvidual determinats of behaviuor INTRODUCTION To understand the buyer and to make a customer out of him is the main purpose of the study of consumer behaviour/5(4). Consumer motivation is an internal state that drives people to identify and buy products or services that fulfill conscious and unconscious needs or desires.

The fulfillment of those needs can then motivate them to make a repeat purchase or to find different goods and services to better fulfill those needs. In dealing with customer needs and consumer behavior, a very powerful motivation for people to buy a product is status or personal prestige.

We want to feel and be perceived as important and valuable. Consumer behaviour analysis is the "use of behaviour principles, usually gained experimentally, to interpret human economic consumption." As a discipline, consumer behaviour stands at the intersection of economic psychology and marketing science.

Consumer behaviour the needs and motivation
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