Why is marijuana not a constitute for a medicine

Under federal 'law,' the U.

Medical Marijuana

Inmore thanAmericans entered substance abuse treatment primarily for marijuana abuse and dependency. All exchanges are voluntary and property is protected, thus, there is no need for violence.

Federal law bans the possession of marijuana. High taxes and deficit spending to fund the Drug War, a decreased respect for civil liberties by police officers and other lawmen and women, and racial disparity in the manner in which drug cases are prosecuted, to name just a few.

With regard to the argument that Marinol is an inferior drug by comparison, I think it is worth pointing out that the Food and Drug Administration determined Marinol to be safe, effective, and therapeutically beneficial for use as a treatment for nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy, and as a treatment of weight loss in patients with AIDS.

It may be useful in reducing pain and inflammation, controlling epileptic seizures, and possibly even treating mental illness and addictions. The DEA currently claims that industrial hemp is illegal under federal law.

It is a byproduct of the pursuit of happiness that man has the right to debilitate himself - as long as he does not harm his neighbor while doing so.

Prospects for medical marijuana look dimmer in Missouri, where surveys indicate weaker public support and voters will face a potentially confusing choice of three separate initiatives on the subject. Inthe nation reconsidered. All of this is nothing more than criminal extortion and human rights violations of the citizens of any country by their government and state.

Check out Part 2: Why did the country go to all that trouble if Congress could simply have declared alcohol a "controlled substance" and made it legal or illegal with a simple majority vote and a presidential signature.

What’s Wrong With “Medical Marijuana”?

So why isn't it legal. State-approved medicinal use of marijuana is a fairly new practice. So should sex be banned, or at least regulated.

Medical marijuana should not be legalized, because it negatively influences adolescents. I do not think alcohol should be banned, but that those that drink irresponsibly should suffer a more severe penalty.

Otherwise, when your children grow up, you will have to spend thousands of dollars and the rest of your life saving them from the consequences of their marijuana dependence.

Persuasive Speech: Why Medical Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized

For example, one study found that Medicare Part D prescriptions filled for all opioids decreased in states with medical marijuana laws. It is only mentally addictive.

Is marijuana medicine?

Hopefully, advocates will have learned two truths by now from last time around: When compared to the average cigarette, smoking one marijuana cigarette deposits about four times more tar into the lungs than a filtered tobacco cigarette. Legalization of marijuana could induce a chain effect of similarly constructed arguments in favor of legalization for a variety of different potent drugs currently illegal.

The Food Drug Administration does not support the use of marijuana for medical purposes, simply because no sound scientific findings support it Harris.

Marijuana, according to studies, plays a role in leading to the use of other illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine. Marijuana, Prohibition and the Tenth Amendment. By Susan Shelley. Sooner or later the question will have to be asked: Does the federal government have the power under the Constitution to stop cities and states from legalizing marijuana?

The answer may be no. Federal law bans the possession of marijuana. Nov 20,  · News about marijuana and medical marijuana, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. Brad Bradshaw will select the members of the board that will govern the research institute, which will issue regulations and licensing procedures for medical marijuana and medical marijuana facilities — dispensary, cultivation, and marijuana-infused product manufacturing facilities.

Marijuana as Medicine

Medicine and Healthcare. Why is marijuana considered a drug? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. I’m totally just copying and pasting my answer from the question “why is marijuana considered a drug when it is a plant” Does taking marijuana tea constitute drug use?

What drug is the alternative to marijuana? Is marijuana a gateway drug? Why. CHICAGO — Illinois should not legalize cannabis, and physicians should not write recommendations for patients to use marijuana for medical purposes, because it is a dangerous, addictive drug and.

Mar 21,  · Why medical marijuana is bad medicine Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Mission62, Mar 5, Marijuana has helped me more than other drugs but I fear it's not treated as a medicine and I fear it may be pulled if non-users really understand how it's being prescribed and used in California.

Why Use a Cannabis Topical?

Now this may change if it's made.

Why is marijuana not a constitute for a medicine
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